Lucha VaVOOM

Lucha VaVOOM

“Crazy In Love”
A Valentine’s celebration
@ the Mayan Theatre

The Mayan Theatre in DTLA was once again taken over by the sex and violence Lucha VaVOOM. Fear not! As always, the “sex and violence” was limited to the stage and wrestling ring!!!

Lucha VaVOOM, created by Rita D’Albert and Liz Fairbairn in 2002, is a production of epic proportions! It features authentic masked Mexican wrestling, striptease, comedy, celebrities, DJ’s, aerialists and more. It
also enjoys an extremely diverse and friendly crowd. This group participates enthusiastically and creates an ambiance you won’t find in many other large gatherings. That atmosphere results in many fans that return to the sold-out shows every year. (Nearly half the crowd erupted when queried about being part of past adventures with Lucha VaVOOM.)

Masked Mexican wrestlers, or luchadores, such as “poop” throwing Dirty Sanches and pretty-boy Joey Ryan (rule breaking brawlers, or “rudos”) compete against the “good guys/girls” such as El Presidente and Francesca Zappatelli (who tend to obey the rules.) A classic conflict between good
and evil! Between matches, DJ’s, comedians, death defying aerialists, hula-hoopers and burlesque performers such as Molly D’Amour and Moana Santana, keep the crowd enthralled and titillated!

I, like many of those I spoke with at the show, definitely plan on returning for future incarnations of this ever evolving, entertaining and occasionally sublime extravaganza!

As one attendee present on this Thursday evening has proclaimed, “There is no show that is funnier, sillier or more entertaining than this one.” That attendee was Eric Idle (he of “Monty Python” fame). A man that knows a bit about silly and funny!

– John G. Tobin