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Submitted by: Lizzy

U2 Vertigo//


Once again U2 hit the stage in San Jose, CA for an electrifying performance. One of the highlights of the April 9th U2 performance was when Bono reflected on his meeting with Pope John Paul and paid, what I understood to be, his first public tribute to the man after his passing. He recalled standing in front of the Pope, who eyed him intensely, to the extent that he had "wondered if he had done something wrong, being half Catholic." As an ice-breaking gesture, Bono offered the Pope his trademark glasses, which the Pope promptly put on. In return, the Pope provided Bono a rosary, which he stated he always carries. On stage, Bono brought the rosary out and draped it on the microphone. He stated, "Every rock star has a Pope complex, and every Pope has a rock star complex." He bade farewell to the Pope in a very touching manner, "A man who was a great friend to the poor", and this tribute was infused into the song that followed, "Miracle Drug." Although the concert was wonderful throughout, this was the highlight for me, when words are spoken that fill the song that follows with more heart than ever. One other occurrence at the concert was when Bono requested that all the house lights be turned off, including the stage lights and that everyone in the crowd of 18,100 strong opened their cell phones. Seeing 13,000 plus cell phones illuminating the hall at once was a unique sight, made ever more powerful by the reason for the gesture, which was the request by Bono to lend one's voice, instead of money to the cause he is embracing. The show has scaled back the special effects and focused more on the voice, message, and raw energy of the band, and the music. Not to say that U2 is getting soft in their old age. This concert goes to show that if you still have the music in your heart you’re never to old to keep on rockin!


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