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Indisputably the most popular rock act of the 80s!

San Jose, California welcomed super group U2 for the first of a two night stop on the bands 2001 "Elevation Tour" which did not fail to please a packed arena. From the start of their over two hour set front man, Bono gave to the crowd with renewed passion making it easy to forgive the past "Pop Tour" and reminding why U2 has always been one of the best live performing bands. Gone were the elaborate stadium tour sets and in was the up close and personal heart shaped stage and runway  that allowed a 40 year old Bono to circle and work the crowd pleasing all in attendance, especially the lucky few screaming and dancing faithful fans that were permitted into the center of the "heart". The Irish bands love for the Ramones was intensely apparent with a heart felt few words of remembrance for Joey Ramone who died earlier this month before a soulful rendition of the Ramones "I Remember You."

While the band opened with "Beautiful Day" as the second song of the night and closed with "Walk on" both from the Grammy winning "All That You Cant Leave Behind" the crowd was kept on its feet all night with the top favorites from "I Will Follow" to "With or Without You." The concert was a great success proving again that these four are a true super group worthy of the best band title applied for once again by Bono at the 2000 Grammy awards.

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I don't like to disclose my secrets but if  had to let something slip, Winona Ryder had the cutest cowboy had on.

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