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Photos: John G. Tobin


Green Day
American Idiot

To anyone going to a Green Day show in the future, the 10 hour wait is totally worth it to be in the front of the pit! After listening to the opening bands, who were both good. The waiting was finally over...the drunk bunny came out tossing plush mini bunnies to the crowd and having us chant along to Blitzkreig Bop at the top of our lungs. The kids really were losing their minds...but soon enough we heard the Space Odyssey music and Billie, Mike and Tre were running out. American Idiot started then Jesus of Suburbia, where Billie stopped playing to yell at two kids fighting. Man he is awesome. HEY YOU, YOU! LOOK AT ME!! YOU FUCKIN STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. THIS IS NOT FUCKIN WAR, ITS FUCKIN ROCK N ROLL! Then everyone cheered and they began playing again. Then into Holiday, Are We the Waiting/St Jimmy, Longview, All By Myself, where Tre picked up a random cig from the ground and took a drag haha, Brain Stew/Jaded, Hitchin' a Ride, yes we all know what goes on during that song... Knowledge. Okay so during knowledge he's looking for a guitarist and chooses the cutest little boy :) 8 years old I believe, with a mowhawk and puts the guitar on him and it hits the ground. He chose DJ Rossstar to actually play Knowledge but the kid got to keep the guitar. I've talked to the little boy's mom recently and she says they are going to get a case to put it up with the tickets, Tre's drumstick and other memorable things from the concert. Then after Knowledge Billie asks 'How many old school Green Day fans are out there??' Then he goes into 2000 Light Years Away and it seemed like not a lot of people were singing, kinda disappointing. Then Basket Case, King For a Day/Shout/Stand by Me. Billie laid on the ground and started singing Stand by Me then into Shout. Somewhere during this Tre stood up and started making the funniest noise I have ever heard, even Billie and Mike were laughing pretty hard. Then She, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Minority. The we all changed GREEN DAY and the encore was Maria, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, We are the Champions and Good Riddance.

Written By: Alexa Smith


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