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Foo Fighters

It's hard to imagine the Nirvana drummer as a lead singer. But Dave Grohl solidified himself as a full fledged Front Man during his sold out tour as the Foo Fighters and Weezer hit arenas across the US.

He calls himself a drummer (and history won't argue the fact), but before a sold-out Oakland Arena, Grohl solidified his status as one of hard rock's paramount performers.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we use to love playing more intimate venues like the Warfield and The Fillmore but after this area tour I can’t go back," he boasted, a smile planted on his face. And with that, he unleashed a belch into the microphone that echoed through the arena before ripping through the final songs of the night, "This Is a Call" and "Monkey Wrench."

Their set was like going down memory lane, a hit parade that took you through the decade-long Foo Fighters catalog. The show opened with a fury and spectacle befitting the arena rock tag, as a wall of video monitors emerged from the stage to unveil Grohl, guitarist Chris Shiflett, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer Taylor Hawkins as they exploded into "In Your Honor", the title track from the band's latest release.

Not to forget the other bands on this bill. Weezer and Hot Hot Heat held their own. Looking out into the crowd, it was clear that they weren’t just the opening acts but 3 top bands sharing their passion with a deserving audience.

Dave ended the show with a little call out to his wife, who was watching the show from the mix board. “Hello Mrs. Grohl….. I love you Mrs. Grohl.” If you missed this tour, don’t fret. The Foo Fighters will be back. Good things like this don’t go away; they just need some time to rest and with the US tour ending in Oakland. We know we will be seeing them again real soon.


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