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Photo Credits: Vera Feigerl

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Depeche Mode "Exciter"


Once again Shoreline Amphitheatre is a buzz with excitement as concertgoers adorned in black came to see pop icon Depeche Mode. Is it the mysterious pull of Martin Gore’s dark lyrics and alluring melodies? Or is it front man Dave Gahan as he rips off his shirt and struts around the stage like a peacock in heat? What ever it is, Depeche Mode has the Faith and Devotion of their fans.

Gahan starts off the show with a trio of  “Exciter”, “Dead of Night” and “Sweetest Condition.” Keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats, awaiting the flood of “80’s hits. Keeping them waiting even more with “Dream On” and “Freelove.” As Martin Gore goes back in time to ’97 with “Breath” and “Sister of Night”, Gahan’s pathetic effort to connect with the audience seemed staged at best.

Bring back the crowd with a slue of songs from the early ‘90 like “Enjoy the Silence, Halo and Personal Jesus” from the Violator album and “Walking in My Shoes, I Feel You, and In Your Room” got the nostalgic people back on their feet again.

As the band came back for an encore and the hits “Black Celebration” and “Never Let Me Down Again” rang loud through the clear nights sky. We all knew why we came to this show. DM had a place in our life. And the screaming masses seemed to validate this. Some music never goes out of style and Depeche Mode will stay on top for years to come.     

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How was People are People?

Sorry to say that DM did not play any of their 80's icon hits like that?

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