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The pavement was hot and the bands were sizzling at Dodger Stadium. On July 25 the Vans Warped Tour came rolling into town. With a reasonable ticket price of $30, this tour continues to grow and flourish. Even on a Wednesday, true rockers escape work, summer school or just the basic reality of day to day life to be a part of this rocking good time.

This year, more than ever, the scene has taken a sharp turn towards the heavier side of punk competing with another summer classic tour Ozzfest! With more than 70 bands on numerous stages, Tent World and countless vendors, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied while waiting for your next favorite band to take the stage. Mid-day temperatures reached close to 100 degrees and I know I wasn’t the only one asking myself “why can't they do this in May?”but an endless supply bottled water, soft drinks and shaved ice helped to stave off dehydration.

Tour regulars -NOFX, Less Than Jake and Anti-Flag combined with a blast from the past, Joan Jett, delivers a little something for everyone.

Uneven performances mesh with the (sometime) sublime, to create a concert experience that is not easily replicated.

The summer is still here in full swing, but the Warped Tour has come and gone. Like always: it delivers what it promises, a unique concert experience. It certainly accomplished what it set out to do. My only suggested change would be to talk to Mother Nature and see if she could arrange some mid 80’s for next year!








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