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Ozzfest Rolls into Town

You pretty much know what you’re in for every summer when OzzFest rolls into The Shoreline Amphitheater, as it did last Sunday. As I entered the gates midway through the first of the two 13-hour metal marathons last weekend, body art and colored hair ran rapid. And as always, the lines at the beer stands were long, longer, and longest, leaving the lines at he mens bathroom just as long as the womans. These are, after all, Ozzy’s people.

The most surprising element at this year’s event was the number of un-metal-looking collegiate types. The astounding success of Ozzy’s reality MTV show, The Osbournes, has obviously widened the former metal monster’s demographic. And his new converts appeared to be having the most fun — like children on a trip to the zoo, they wandered the grounds, happily taking in all the exotic sights and sounds.

Why would anyone brave such a harrowing environments? For the headliners, of course. And what did Ozzy give us? He started by anointed the folks in the good seats — the ones close to the stage, that is, soaking everyone in the front three sections of the amphitheater. Ozzy even joined in the fun by dunking his own head in a bucket. What might be a good gag on a sweltering night down South didn’t go over too well in the Bay Area as the mercury dipped below 60. By midway through the headlining set, a good portion of those who’d had the "best seats in the house" were shivering on the concourse like party guests who’d been thrown into the swimming pool.

Everyone left the show with smiles on their faces and ringing in their ears. What more could you ask for at a rock concert! Rock On OZZY!!!! Best wishes to your wife.

- Matt Nesbit

Questions & Answers

Did the whole family show up?
All I saw was Ozzy. I know that his wife was home resting. But the kids? Aren't they always questionable???

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