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Photos By:  John G. Tobin

Linkin Park


 I had never seen Linkin Park live, so I was very excited about this concert. Like always, its seems that they take forever to set the stage up for the opening band. But as always it was worth the wait. This was by far the best stage setup I have seen in a while. Linkin Park is an amazing band and they have great stage presence. They played all the songs I wanted to hear live. Mixing it up with both albums and 2 tracks not on either album (Its Goin' down and My December). They somehow make the crowed feel that they're on the same level as us.  they play to the crowd and even got a fan to play Mike's part in "Faint".The different versions of certain songs really gave it a live and clean feel. I can see why these guys keep climbing the charts and hope to see them around for a long time.

Review Written by: Gokoulssj


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