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2003 Tour

10,000-plus fans in attendance in Fresno CA, to see the final show of the KISS / Aerosmith 2003 tour. You would have thought that they would end their tour in a city like LA or New York but to the pleasant surprise of Central California, no one seem to mind that is was in Fresno. Or at least they weren't thinking about it when a black curtain with the letters "KISS" in silver dropped from the ceiling shortly after opening act “Porch Ghouls” finished their set.

Claps and cheers built up to shrieks and standing ovations when the lights went down and the volume went up. Then, after about eight minutes of applause, Gene Simmons' voice roared: "All right, Fresno. You want the best? You got the best."

Pyrotechnics flared, the curtain fell, and the four members of Kiss -- complete with face paint, jet-black hair and black leather clothes -- descended to the stage from a platform lifted high above the ground.

The band launched into "Detroit Rock City," then quickly moved to "Deuce" as a fan near the front of the stage held up a sign reading, "Gene, I want you."

The shirtless Simmons, who is known for is libido, gave the female fans what they wanted by lifting his guitar over his head and gyrating.

The “over 50 crowd” of Rockers must have discovered the fountain of youth. With a tour that ranks #4 in 2003 for top box office gross per city and the energy and stamina to keep on rocking, I see no reason for KISS to hang up their platform boots and leather chaps. And with over 35% of the audience at the Fresno show under the drinking age, they have a new generation of fans to entertain for years to come.


Questions & Answers

At 54 years young, did Gene still have the moves?


He kept the crowd entranced with his moves.

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