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Jimmy Eat Work
Taking Back Sunday

Fans are sure to gobble up Jimmy Eat World's latest release "Bleed American". With the sound of pop-rock with a bit of punk thrown in for flavor, the band leaves listeners with hard hitting songs, well crafted tunes and infectious lyrics.
The foursome, Jim Adkins on vocals and guitars, Tom Linton on guitar and vocals, Rick Burch on bass and Zach Lind on drums, all grew up in Mesa, Arizona.
Eight months after the band formed, it landed a deal with Capitol Records in 1994.  However, the group built up their following through self-pressed singles and touring Europe.
The band members, all in their 20s, relied on its own hard work of creating split records with bands such as Mineral, Jebediah, Jejune and Blueprint, and booking shows themselves.
"Static Prevails" was released in 1996 followed by a self-titled album on the independent label Fueled by Ramen.  "Clarity" released in 1999 was co-produced by Mark Trombino (Blink-182, Knapsack, Drive Like Jehu).
In 1999 the band also contributed the tune "Lucky Denver Mint" to Drew Barrymore's film, "Never Been Kissed."
After being dropped by Capitol, Jimmy Eat World headed to Europe for a self promoted club tour.   Since Capitol had not released the band's material overseas, the group purchased its own records from distributors and shipped them to Europe independently in order to sell them to fans.
The group was well received in Germany and was welcomed back in 2000 for two of the country's biggest festivals, Bizarre and PopKomn.
As "Clarity" began to hit the charts in Germany, the band decided to release a compilation of singles and license the collection to a Japanese label, Toys Factory.  The profit was saved for the production of "Bleed American."
The band recorded the album on its own dime, again with Trombino as co-producer. 
As the band shopped the album around, its former label, Capitol expressed interest.  However, the group chose to sign with DreamWorks Records.
The quartet sings and plays tight riffs with conviction and sincerity.  Even though its latest album strays from the heavier emo sound that its previous albums display, the lyrics of "Bleed America" are still emotional and self-analyzing. 
While a theme of yearning for something more and relationships is a common denominator for the songs on its latest album, the tunes are bound to rev up a listener.
The title track explodes with driving guitars as Adkins sings "I'm not alone because the TV's on/I'm not crazy 'cause I take the right pills everyday."  
The issue of longing is prevelant on the album.  On the emotionally charged "Your House," Adkins sings "Thinking how I had you once/No I can't forget that/Sometimes I wish I could lose you again."  Tracks "If You Don't, Don't" and "Sweetness" also emits romantic thoughts.
The search of something more is evident on "My Sunshine" with lyrics "I need you to show me the way from crazy/I want to be so much more than this" and on the dynamic track "A Praise Chorus" Adkins sings "I want to always feel like part of this was mine/want to fall in love tonight."
The nice thing about the album is that there are softer tunes mixed into the 11-song record.  The album even includes a song paying homage to the  people who ran Weezer's fan club who died in a car accident.  The track "Hear You Me" is laced with background vocals from Rachel Haden (daughter of jazz legend Charlie Haden).
After working with seven record labels (the lot being independent ones) the group is finally becoming recognized for its hard work and efforts.  Rolling Stone recently listed Jimmy Eat World as "hot band" on its "Hot List."
The band played on the Van's Warped Tour this past summer, toured with Blink-182 and Sum 41 in Europe and will continue that tour later this fall.  Over the summer the band even performed at the wedding of Blink's guitarist, Tom DeLonge.

By Sara McDowell


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