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Photos: Vera Feigerl

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Bon Jovi

Bounce tour

Simply refreshing and exhilarating says it all for the rousing performance by Bon Jovi on Sat, April 12th at the HP pavilion in San Jose, California.

Every fan in that arena rocked out to twenty-two of their chart topping hits, including six from their latest album Bounce. Some of their new songs were inspired be the events of September 11th, prompting everyone to wave American flags as they sang Everyday and Undivided.

The ultra sexy John Bon Jovi wound up the crowd with his heart melting smile and vocals as Richi Sambora awed the audience with his guitar skills. Richi didn’t share the spotlight with John all night. He got to show off his own vocal skills, performing his solo hit “I’ll be there for you.”

Two and a half hours later, the concert came to a close. I was in awe how energized I was after the show. I was pumped up and screaming for more, but the night had to come to an end. Bon Jovi left me feeling motivated and ready to live my life to its fullest, just like the song says, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

After all these years, Bon Jovi still illuminates their fans with the same sex appeal and legendary music that had taken them to icon status.

- Ariadni Pereira

Questions & Answers:

How many hot chicks were there? -Bobby

As a happily married man I would have to say...... LOTS!!!!!


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