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Shoreline, CA 8-16-01

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Dana, Steve, Veronika and Ed

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Barenaked Ladies

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Taking their name from a Canadian childhood slang term for a naked woman, the Barenaked Ladies are, in fact, five nice lads from Scarborough, near Toronto, Canada. They were formed in 1988 by songwriters Steven Page (b. 22 June 1970, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada; guitar/vocals) and Ed Robertson (b. 25 October 1970, Ontario, Canada; guitar/vocals) while they were students. Brothers Jim Creeggan (b. 12 February 1970; bass/keyboards) and Andrew Creeggan (b. 4 July 1971; congas) and Tyler Stewart (b. 21 September 1967; drums) were soon added to the line-up. The band set off on an intensive series of club dates; word of their prowess soon spread and their first release, a five-song EP, proved a big hit. Their debut album, Gordon, subsequently sold more than half a million copies in their native Canada, outselling acts such as U2 and the infamous Michael Jackson Their melodic pop, with its strong harmonies and string-driven acoustics, has led to them being unfairly dubbed the Fat Canadian Housemartins. Despite their undeniable debt to the British band, the Barenaked Ladies - who cite the Beach Boys and the Proclaimers among their influences - have carved out a distinctive sound. Songs such as "Be My Yoko Ono" and "If I Had A Million Dollars" are particular crowd favourites. Live, their self-deprecating humour, catchy songs and high energy make for a thoroughly entertaining show, captured on 1996's Rock Spectacle. They bounced back into the commercial spotlight in 1998 when Stunt entered the US charts at number 3 in July, and continued generating huge sales on the back of October's infuriatingly catchy chart-topper, "One Week". The follow-up Maroon attempted, with mixed results, to add a touch of levity to Page and Robertson's songwriting formula.

Questions & Answers

How was the show?
I would have to say that this was one of the most fun shows of 2001!

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